Blot's Mysterie and Paperin Fracassa.

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Wed Nov 21 20:29:57 CET 2001

  Nice description of the Phantom Blot by Petri.That is what I like in the 
Blot and in the storie.Though I wouldn't say my heart was bleeding for 
Mickey.I was just admiring the Blot's masterplan.Murdering Goofy and 
destroying O'Hara and Mickey he would have gotten rid of all his enemies.But 
Eega Beeva appearing to save the day was too easy a solution.The Phantom 
Blot and Mickey Mouse matching witts would be nice.A character with 
super-powers appearing to save the day sounds like Super Goof to me.Even if 
the story predates his creation.
  Yes "Paperin Fracassa" by Martina(not Martini as Petri mentions) and 
Scarpa has been reprinted in Greece.I have a 1973 version in an issue of 
"Klasika" magazine and it was reprinted on 1999 in issue 155 of the same 
I had found this storie years before finding "The Blot's Double Mysterie".It 
is one of the worst stories I have.
Its plot makes no sence.What is a castle doing in modern U.S.A in distance 
from any citie?And what is Chesire Cat from Wonderland doing in it?I thought 
the gate to Wonderland was in Britain.Donald meets Snow White and the Dwarfs 
as if he had known them.But she is Princess Snow White,step-daughter to a 
Middleages' Queen.I think she predates Donald by centuries.And the fox and 
the cat you mention are "Honest" John Worthington Foulfellow and his partner 
Gideon the two con-men from "Pinoccio"which takes place in 19th centurie 
Italy.The timelines of the characters make no sence.After reading that you 
probably know why I dislike the stories which blend 20th centurie Disney 
characters with characters from Disney's animated films which seem to live 
in different ages or countries.It all remind of this awful story and the 
conception behind them all seems to be that every Disney character lives 
together with all the others in the same time.Sounds terrible!(
  At least the 1973 version I have has something different.Before the storie 
there are 4 pages by a different artist which explain that this storie is a 
dream Donald had after he fell asleep while watching television.The program 
he was watching was too childish for Huey,Dewey and Louie!And it was about 
fairytales explaining Donald's inspiration.At least that was a small 
consolation.Then five more pages from the same,unknown to me,artist have 
Donald waking up and then proceed to link this story with another which is a 
parody of Cyrano de Bergerac.
(If Armando is interested "Paperin Fracassa" is from 1967 and Martina has 
written better stories after this one).
  That "Blot's Double Musterie" is much better than this one doesn't tell me 
much.Most stories that I know of are.They respect the characters and the 
readers' inteligence more.

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