Fethry is back?

Luca Boschi cnotw at zen.it
Fri Nov 23 14:15:22 CET 2001

Hi, Dave (and Dim)!

I totally agree with you about Fethry stories.

>  This is "Preserve Psychiatry" (S 65203).

Hmmm... So, it was recently reprinted in Gemany, Denmark and so on?
Interesting... Hmm...

>  I agree with you 100%! Your feelings, by the way, are also the
> feelings behind the new Fethry stories that we're producing now at Egmont.

Which stories are you talkin' about? It would be nice to have them, in Italy
too, with a propre introduction... Who are the artists? Maybe even Branca,
Vicar, Ferioli?

>  As part of the *real* Fethry's reappearance in our weekly, we also
> reprinted a vintage 1960s Fethry story a couple of months ago.
> Interestingly, it was "Preserve Psychiatry"!

Well, in Italy they were butchered and trimmed, for the pocket book
"Topolino"'s size, so, if you have a "menu" of the reprints in Egmont
countries it should be quite easy to have 'em back all around...
In the December ZP issue ther is the very first Magica story with the two
crows we spoke about some three years ago in this list. It's back, in a
restaured complete versione never printed before!



PS.: And thank you, Dave, for the informations about Scarpa's "RS"
signatures. I look forward your special Xmas book...

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