Mickey, Donald and their fathers

Armando Botto armando.botto at libero.it
Fri Nov 23 23:13:29 CET 2001

Harald wrote:
> The last time I was here, I was working on a book about some early Disney
comics creators. A four-way biography about Disney (as intro), Gottfredson,
Taliaferro (the main piece) and Barks. Unfortunately this book didn't see
printing then.
But - tadaa! - now someone got interested in the theme and "Micky, Donald
und ihre Väter" (working title, = "Mickey, Donald and their fathers") will
be published in April 2002.

Sounds very interesting! I wish my German was much better than it actually

> - other artists: we'd like to include a (short) chapter showing the
unknowing public what happened to Disney-Comics after Taliaferro,
Gottfredson and Barks. I mean: GREAT creators that followed their footsteps.
Like Rosa or Rota. Now:
Who would you include? (4-5 names) Where would I find informations on their
individual biographies and bibliographies?

Romano Scarpa, to start with. Have a look at Eta Beta's "Last Balaboo"


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