Dialogue changes in Blot's Double Secret

Petri Kanninen pkannine at cc.hut.fi
Sun Nov 25 00:54:28 CET 2001

ARMANDO wrote about dialogue of BDS
>Interesting! So, the Finnish (or German) editors probably had to change
>also the dialogue in the following two panels, when the Blot explains his
>"alternative" revenge plan (as Mickey didn't manage to actually kill
>O'Hara): "Mickey had pleaded guilty, so he would have been executed all
>the same! After his death, I would have revealed the truth to O'Hara, who
>- knowing to have caused his friend's death - would have committed
>suicide, maybe!" (Actually, this sounds a bit lame... it's hard to
>believe Mickey would have been sentenced to death because of an
>*attempted* murder...)

Indeed you're right, the dialogue is changed. In Finland those three 
panels goes like this:
[Eega interrogating Blot]
BLOT: I wanted Mickey to kill O'Hara. He would have gotten a life
sentence. That was my revenge.
EEGA: But it went wrong.
BLOT: Yes, because you caught me. Otherwise the evidence would have been
EEGA: When the killing failed, what were you going to do with O'Hara?
BLOT: Sooner or later I would have made someone from his people to kill
EEGA: So how did you hypnotise Mickey?

This does make a little more sense for Mickey would be in jail and O'Hara
dead. But you Italians sure have the more violent version. Interesting
things you find about your favorite stories on this list.

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