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Kriton Kyrimis kyrimis at cti.gr
Tue Nov 27 12:14:20 CET 2001


> I simply can't stand Pier Lorenzo De Vita's style. Doesn't matter
> how good the plot is, I can't see it through the drawings.

Oddly enough, I've made myself read some pretty stupid stories, simply
because I enjoy Pier Lorenzo De Vita's style!


>   Kriton it is your right to stop helping Komix get some publishity.But read
> the issue more carefuly.The two main articles-7 pages- are about Walter
> Elias Disney(1901-1966).The article about Snow White has only 2 pages.I
> didn't like it that there is no accompanying article for such a great story
> as "Hearts of the Yukon" and that more of Aragones's stories are going to be
> published but anyone who wants information on Sir Samuel Benfield
> Steele(1849-1919) and John Griffith "Jack" London Chaney(1876-1916) can
> search for himself as I did.There are plenty of pages for both in the
> Internet.

I did read the articles, and the (false) impression I got really was that
there were only articles about Snow White. That's how interesting I found
the articles about Walt Disney--they left absolutely no impression on me.
If there really are readers who are interested in Disney himself, I assume
that they would not have waited till his 100th birthday to read about him,
so a couple of these seven pages that you mention would have been put
to much better use if they had contained an article about Don's story.
I wonder if Disney (the company) made them publish all these articles,
or whether Don's article was removed at the last moment in favor of that
Lord of the Rings ad masquerading as an article.


> Aragones' Groo is good comic, but I admit it's in totally wrong place..
> Very strange...

The issue is not whether Aragones' comics are good (people say they are,
and under different circumstances I would have been looking forward to
reading that story), but whether readers should be made to pay more to
read less (as was the case with the Space Circus) of what the magazine
they are buying is supposed to publish.

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