DCML digest, Vol 1 #749 - 2 msgs

Dan Shane danshane at bellsouth.net
Wed Nov 28 14:22:17 CET 2001

Gary wrote:

> Your call to your "fellow Greek readers", however, might amount to asking
> them to collectively shoot themselves in the foot! Do you really want them
> to abandon Komix because it is, in your view, violating some "purity of
> content" rule? I really don't see how they'll manage to accomplish
> by this beyond helping to hasten the demise of yet another Disney comics
> publication. And you might want to consider if your own stated intentions
> might not do the same.
> Disclaimer: I am a longtime fan of Sergio Aragonés work, and personally
> don't see how it could cause any harm to Komix.


And I am a fan of Little Lulu and Popeye.  Let them remain in their own
title.  (I wish they had one these days.) I weary of Disney buying up every
one else's characters and claiming them as their own.


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