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Some list members have commmented on the poor print quality of the current collection of Barks Christmas stories. This started me thinking about how we want Barks reprints to look in the future (assuming that we have a say in the matter, which of course we don't).

For example: If you pick up a new Superman comic book, you will see really advanced coloring - all kinds of shading and sophisticated computerized effects. The same applies to the Italian superhero version of Donald (PK or Fantonald as he is called in Norway) and also to the new W.I.T.C.H. comic book from Disney. I think both these books look really cool.

But the regular Disney comic books and reprints look pretty much the same as they did thirty years ago - at least in Scandinavia.

When Gladstone published the Carl Barks Library in Color, their colorists did an excellent job but they were quite conservative. They used flat colors for the most part. This looked very nice and clean, but maybe a little boring?

On the other hand, when the Disney company themselves published the comic books, they experimented a litttle. They colored the inside of the ducks' beaks in a darker orange, and sometimes they used light blue on the eyes. Somehow, this did not look right to me.

So ... do we want a Barks reprint with shading, blurred backgrounds and other modern effects? Would this add a new dimension to our reading  experience and perhaps open up the world of Barks to younger readers? Or would it just look out of place?

I don't know. Any thoughts?

Nils from Norway

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