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> If you've read almost *any* of my Magica stories, at least if your
> translators have not scrapped my dialogue for something else, I always make
> a point of explaining and reaffirming why Magica, according to Barks'
> original stories, wants that Dime.
Unfortunatly, the only Magica story of yours that I've managed to find is the 
one involving the silver platter*, and the only Barks Magica story that I've 
encountered is "The Many Faces of Magica DeSpell".  In both of these stories, 
Magica's motives are clear, but not the reasoning behind them.

The some goes from that which most of my knowledge of Magica in fact comes 
from, DuckTales (which I know that most of you DCMLers consider childish and 
apocryphal at best). On the show, sometimes she's a witch, sometimes she's a 
sorceress. Sometimes it's the Lucky Dime and sometimes it's the Number One 
Dime. Only in "Send in the Clones" has there ever been any attempt at 
explaining why she's after the dime -- it will allow her to turn Poe back 
into her brother, and it will allow her to rule to world.

Exactly *how* it will do either of these things, it isn't said.


* If you'd like to send me more, you're more than welcome to. :-) But 
seriously, being a comic-book reader, but not a comic book collecter -- 
Meaning that $2.50 for 24 pages is barely worth it, and $5-$50 for same 
almost never is, not when I can get a 350 page novel for only $6 or so. It's 
a real problem for someone wanting to go back and read all the ol' Duck 
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