Scrooge, Brutopian, Russian

Nils Lid Hjort nils at
Mon Oct 22 12:26:30 CEST 2001

Stefan Persson discussed ,
followed by explanations from Don Rosa and comments from myself,
touching on these Brutopians proficiency and fluency in Russian. 
As I said, this raises various question of interest related to 
the life and work and background of the Brutopians, surely 
a topic worthy of further research (and speculation).

I wished to add another question, namely, does Scrooge speak or 
understand Russian? Scrooge is the most gifted polyglotted 
multilingual mangetungede inhabitant of the Duckburg universe,
as has been documented in many Barks and Rosa stories. Someone 
should (immediately!) compile a list of all the languages 
he can communicate in. Could there have been an occasion where 
he has been to Russia, or otherwise been involved with
Russian biznizmenami [biznizmen = a (one) business person;  
here by necessity conjugated in pluralis instrumentalis]? 

Perhaps the Brutopians uttered "STOI! NA ABORDAZH!" to him
on this occasion, knowing that Scrooge would understand 
this Russian phrase, and perhaps the average Brutopians 
have been more exposed to Russian than to English/American 
in their educational system? 

Nikolaj Kholmik Olen' 

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