Andold"Wild Duck"Temerary,Cornelius Coot,Fenton Penworthy

Dim I Nticoudis dimadick at
Wed Oct 24 16:53:13 CEST 2001

  Andold"Wild Duck"Temerary is one od Donald Duck's ancestors appearing in 
many stories.In the first one he becomes the commander of Walstaen Castle in 
Caledonia(Scotland)on 794 A.D.He is older than the earliest named McDucks.Is 
he a McDuck?
  Someone mentioned him as an ancestor of Cornelius Coot.Since when does 
Cornelious have Scotish ancestors?Is Cornelius related to Fenton 
Penworthy,the guardian of the lost library who served Francis Drake?The 
later was the firstcommander of Fort Drakeborough while Malcolm McDuck was 
falsly reported as the one.Malcolm was dead since 1564.Is Fenton his son and 
an ancestor of Cornelius Coot?

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