Tronsmo is the place.

Mike Pohjola mikep at
Mon Sep 3 12:17:00 CEST 2001

> I thought some listmembers from Oslo could give some hints of what's the
> best place to buy the CK and PP books. 

I'm not from Oslo, but I know the answer: Tronsmo - sometimes called the
most radical book shop in Norway. I think they're also the publishers of
the Don Rosa books.

Tronsmo is located by the tram station of Tullinlokka. It's got a whole
lot of great books on politics, music, philosophy, pop culture, history,
arts etc. (Including the cook book "White Trash Cooking" 1 and 2.) In the
basement they've got the comic book section -- the hazy backalley basement
you wanted ;)

Mike Pohjola
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