First day of school

Wes Andersen phester63 at
Thu Sep 6 19:40:27 CEST 2001

Last night I pulled open my box of old comics to read a Carl Barks 10 pager 
to my two kids. It didn't have a title on it, but it was about HD&L rafting 
down a river instead of attending the first day of school, and Donald's 
attempt to thwart their truancy. What a happy coincidence that it was also 
my daughter's first week of school -- first grade. It made the story seem 
seasonally timely -- a rare event since comics aren't published in the U.S. 
these days.

Anyone have any favorite HD&L school oriented stories (and the US issues 
they appear in) that I can read to my kids this week?

-- Wes

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