Uncle Jake (A Christmas For Shacktown)

Daniel van Eijmeren dve at kabelfoon.nl
Fri Sep 14 23:56:00 CEST 2001

OLAF SOLSTRAND to M.J. PRIOR, 03-09-2001:

>> ["A Christmas For Shacktown", OS 367] (Jake must have become 
>> incredibly old, for both Donald and Scrooge don't consider 
>> him as being dead in 1952.)

> Donald never knew Jake except from the family album, and Scrooge 
> probably saw right through the disguise. [...] I believe that 
> Scrooge made up that debt right there so that he could punish 
> Donald for dressing up like Jake.

If Scrooge knew that Donald was trying to fool him by disguising 
as Uncle Jake, then why doesn't he see through Donald rat trick 
on the next page?

After the rat trick, Scrooge does say that he thinks that there's
more than one rat involved, but if he would be sure about it, 
I don't think he would have paid Donald that reward for catching 
the rat. Even within your theory this would mean that Scrooge 
punishes Donald the first time, while he *rewards* him the next time.

--- Daniel

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