Organs and Notre Duck

Luca Boschi cnotw at
Mon Sep 17 12:39:42 CEST 2001


First of all, the Notre Duck (written like this) Cathedral *IS* in Duckburg.
At least another story, made in Brazil, shows ita again, with Magica too.

> If Duckburg is American (and most indications are in that direction), then
> it's impossible that the Notre-Duck is an original medieval gothic church.


> a NEO-gothic church, from the 1890s (or early 1900s).
> Like a big neogothic church I saw in Washington. Americans are good in
> copying old styles

In New York there are some churches resembling the  Sleeping Beauty castle,
> Anyway, as someone noticed before, the Notre-Duck church has NO religious
> marks whatsoever. It's just a big empty building with an organ and some
> statues. It almost looks like a very rich American built it, just for fun.

And this also in an interesting point of view. I think that the cathedral
has PAGAN symbols. Baut it's Barks view of religion.
> About organs: I think Catholic churches don't have organs, and that they
> were introduced in protestant churches after 1570. Is that true?

No. Here in my town, Pistoia, quite every Catholic church (mostly from the
Middle Age or from Renaissance)  has an organ, included one with on of the
most ancient organs in the world (in Saint Spirit Square).Some years ago the
Emperor of Japan himself come to visit it since he read about it in a book.



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