The 'Lectro Box (HARRY, DAVID)

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Wed Sep 26 13:47:38 CEST 2001


>> I'm referring to a Gottfredson/Walsh story, "Mickey Mouse 
>> and the 'Lectro Box" 
>> (YM 058), which saw in the original publication, in the 
>> very last panel, 
>> the three scientists left in their underpants by the effect 
>> of the Box...
>I think David Gerstein can tell us all about this. I if recall correctly
>what he told me, the *original* print in the newspapers was censored
>(trousers added to the professors). Then, for the reprint in the WDC comic
>book, they *added* one professor, and didn't give him trousers (while
>leaving the censored artwork for the other professors). They had to add some
>art anyway, since the panel in WDC was wider than the original newspaper
>The 1990s reprint is exactly like the first WDC reprint.

Well, some more research (which I indeed should have done before
bothering Bob Foster) fully confirms the above, only...

Apart from the inducks-related curiosity, another reason why I
asked that question is that I have a picture in my mind, of
all the darn scientist (which were, btw, 5 and not 3) in their
underpants, and striped those were, too... this might of course
be one of those false memories one builds up with time (and I
suspect not getting any younger helps in that respect... :-),
but the funny thing is that I share this memory with other
folks... and we all remember striped pants...

Now, sharing false memories is not uncommon, either, it possibly
even helps them becoming more detailed... however, is there a
slight chance of that panel, in its original, uncensored form,
having been published somewhere ? Anybody knows ?


Eta Beta

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