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Mon Apr 1 18:54:57 CEST 2002

NO, Picsou didn't show any of thos two stories. 

About the McDonald's figurines, I was talking about the 100 figurines given 
in the happy meal until the 4 april of this year (that is to say 3 days 
I don't know if I can contact somebody to get them...

This is off topic, but I wanted to ask you all :
When you are looking for a disney short that isn't on trade (for instance, I 
am still looking for "The Goofy Family History", a TV show that was released 
in the US last august on Disney Channel when I was on holidays, which was a 
reunion of several goofy cartoons linked together with a story [Goofy telling 
his son the histopry of his family, with a family tree...], a little like 
"This is your life, Donald Duck")
Is there an address you can write to to get this show?
If it was released on TV, this show must exist somewhere in the world on a 
reel, and as with money you can buy   [almost] everything, there must be a 
way to get this ??? What dya think??? I can't sleep anymore! 

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