Farragut the falcon

Ola Martinsson Ola.Martinsson at uab.ericsson.se
Thu Apr 4 13:34:33 CEST 2002

Hi !

I reread Barks Farragut the falcon yesterday and it struck me that the
name is strange. So I suppose that it is some kind of wordplay in
English that I don't get. Can someone enlighten me on this, please ?

When I look in the COA I see that in WDC #5 there is a story with the
Three Little Pigs and it is described as Lie detector. Is this an
adaption to comic from the animated short that I think is named
Practical Pig ?

WCD #2 and #3 are not indexed yet there is a mention about the number of
pages of the long MM by Gottfredsson. How can this be ?
Are the rest of these numbers filled with sundays and dailys one and
half page gags ? or can there be any more long storys in them ?

Ola in a cloudy Stockholm +6

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