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Fri Apr 5 14:26:47 CEST 2002

Gilles wrote:
> What does Mattressface means? Does that mean "Somebody whose 
> face looks like a mattress, that is to say the thing you have on a bed?" 
> Is this a joke because of his beard?

Don answered:
> If this was a gag that made sense, it must have been some ancient joke
> popular from Barks' youth. I never did understand why someone with beard
> would have a name like "matressface". What sort of mattress looks like hair?

Thomas remarks:
I, too, do not know what sort of matress looks like hair. But at least in 
Germany there are some people (like former president of the D.O.N.A.L.D. 
Alexandra Gerstner) who call a beard "Kinnmatratze" (which would be the 
German saying for a matress underneath ones chin). I'm quite certain this 
word stems from times long forgotten, maybe even before "Barks' youth", so 
maybe at least "Kinnmatratze" proves that Barks did not "invent" this 
mediocre joke on his own.

Thomas Vorwerk

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