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Fellow Quackeroos:

Here's the most recent crop of Greek Disneys:

1) MIKY MAOUS #1863, March 29, 2002 (100 pages; cover price: 1.17 euro)
a) H,L&D in "Gli scherzi di carnevale", from "Topolino" #1220, 1979 (33
pages). Script: Guido Martina; Art: Giorgio Cavazzano (Note: The Greek title
has become "April Fool's Jokes" as there are no carnival jokes (tricks) in
Greece. In Italy, however, "In carnevale, ogni scherzo vale"! --Loosely
translated: "In carnival, anything goes!")
b) Morty & Ferdie in "L' infallibile fiuto investigativo", from "Topolino"
#2366, 2001 (25 pages). Script: Riccardo Secchi; Art: Salvatore Deiana
c) Uncle Scrooge in "Le intuizioni contromercato", from "Topolino" #2289,
1999 (10 pages). Script: Gianfranco Cordara; Art: Valerio Held
d) Fethry Duck in "The Garbage Collectors", S-74164, 8 pages. Script: The
Disney Studio; Art: Tony Strobl

2) ALMANAKO #134, April 2002 (100 pages; cover price: 1.75 euro)
a) Paperinik in "Il grande Jake", from "Paperinik" #22, 1995 (26 pages).
Script: Carlo Panaro; Art: Lucio Leoni
b) Paperinik in "L' elmo di Gormon", from "Paperinik" #91, 2001 (30 pages).
Script: Carlo Panaro; Art: Sandro Dossi

3) MINNI #67, April 2002 (100 pages; cover price: 1.75 euro)
a) Minnie in "Il sogno della pepita", from "Minni" #57, 1997 (30 pages).
Script: Diego Fasano; Art: Marco Mazzarello
b) Daisy Duck in "Guerra di spot", from "Topolino" #2296, 1999 (28 pages).
Script: Caterina Mognato; Art: Roberta Migheli

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