A few questions

m@teusz lis lis- at wp.pl
Sun Apr 7 23:06:59 CEST 2002

I'm from Poland and I'm writing here for the first time ever. I 
learn English only over three years and I don't understant a lot 
of english words (but I have dictionary :-)). So forgive me if I 
wrote something stupid or without any sense. 
I would be greatful if you could answer a few questions.
1)In year 1991 Egmont Poland published two issues of Donald Duck 
Time Travel: "The Viking Voyage" and "The Cave Bear Caper". Were 
next parts published in other countries? What happened then with 
2) There is sign (in English): "FLAGS= Red with white symbols" 
in Rosa's "The Treasury of Croesus". It's on page 17. What this 
inscription mean?

I hope that you understand me. Thanks for your help.

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