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Last time, when I asked u if you were gonna write a story with Jose and 
Panchito, I meant "will you write <AGAIN>a story with them "?

BTW, the female character with José in your calendar-- where is she from. did 
you invent her or is she from a story by another artist (is she aurora?)

And is it true that one of your next stories will reveal Hortense and 
Matilda's destiny? (as told by PICSOU Mag)

I think I old my opinion in an old message posted here:I think that Maybe the 
 regular beagle boys all have the same mother. (They call eachother brother, 
althought they don't have the same fathers) I know it'd be immoral, (and so 
that nobody will be allowed to tell this in a story... if they censor a $£¤µ# 
Moon on a flag, what will they do with this??) but could you give me your 
opinion about this? 
In the drawing for PM 338 (to illustrate "Only a poor old man")
you gave the number 176-480 to a beagle boy on a coin (top right handcorner)
This number doesn't appear in the story, but a similar beagle appears with 
176-840 as number. is it a mistake of you to have put 480 instead of 840?

PS: I have 2000 at my counter today!!!
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