A few questions

Halsten Aastebol Halsten.Aastebol at elkraft.ntnu.no
Wed Apr 10 10:40:30 CEST 2002

At 00:59 08.04.02 +0200, Stefan Persson wrote:

>>1)In year 1991 Egmont Poland published two issues of Donald Duck
>>Time Travel: "The Viking Voyage" and "The Cave Bear Caper". Were
>>next parts published in other countries? What happened then with
>>DD & HDL?
>6 parts were published in Sweden.
>Part 3 takes place in 17th century France.
>In part 4 the ducks visit king Arthur.
>Part 5 takes place in Novgorod.
>Part 6 takes place in ancient Greece.
>They do not return to Duckburg. Does this mean that there are more, 
>unpublished, parts of this series?

Does anybody know the answer to this question? I too always wondered what 
happened to this series.


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