Pictures in $crooge's office

Arne Voigtmann ArneVoigtmann at
Sun Apr 14 23:00:28 CEST 2002

Hi everybody.

When I read Don Rosa's "Forget it!" two weeks ago in No. 15/2002 of the German "Micky
Maus" I was especially impressed by the pictures (photos?) of Scrooge
hanging in his office (e.g. the one where he is hunting for a coin with a
net). Are these motifs inspired by Barks or did Don Rosa invent them?

I tried to draw two of them with water colour and... well, at least
one can see that the person on them shall be Scrooge, although he
seems to be a bit too slim :).
Here are the scans of the two paintings: (Scrooge
hunting for a coin)
(Scrooge praying in front of a dime)


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