Taliaferro heads in Bottaro's stories

Francois Willot cacou661 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 16 22:07:02 CEST 2002

Gilles, Luca:

> The small Donald's 
>pictures were glued on the paper by the Mondadori's
>editors (Mario Gentilini, Ambrogio Vergani) in the
>50es before the story's first printing.

Doesn't it appear in several (many?) other stories of
the same period in Italy. I wonder why the Italian
editors did not ask the artist (Bottaro) to draw them

>Since the story is so beautiful, we choose it to be
>reprinted in one of the last issueos of "I Maestri
>Disney", last year, and for this reason it was
>discovered by the clever French editors, who like
>Bottaro's style very much.

And maybe also Martina? They published quite a few of
his stories lately. I noticed though, when the
dialogues are too violent, they badly soften it. For
instance, I learned that in the first Paperinik story,
Scrooge said to Donald that he "was not even able to
steal a thing from a blind and paralytic deaf-mute".
This was totally censored in the French reprint...

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