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Hi all

Here's what's in the last two months issues of Komix:

Issue #165, March 2002, €2,65

* Cover from Michel Nadorp. No reason to scan it...

* A two-page letters column about Carl Barks Legacy,
Euros, Artists, Walt Disney and other.

* A three-page column with "Komix News" about first
Oscar Award for a cartoon, Torino's exposition, new
Disneyland's theme on France, Internet Comics, Gold
Rush, Manga Comics and other.

* Giorgio Cavazzano's "L' Uomo dei Paperi", 21 pages,
with Carl Barks as the main character! :-) Code: I TL

* A three-page article titled "Carl Barks in Italy",
subtitled "An American in the country of Dantes".

* Massimo De Vita's "L'Imperatore d'America", 8 pages,
sequel of Barks' "The Golden Helmet" story. Code: I TD

[Both stories are part of a Carl Barks Book titled
"L'Uomo di Paperi"]

* Vicar's "Euro-Go-Round", first published on...
Komix! 12 pages. Code: D 2001-085. Story about Euro

* Sergio Aragones' "Groo & Rufferto", part 3 of 4...

Issue #166, April 2002, €2,65

* Cover by... who knows...

* A two-page letters column about hidden details on
Aragones' "Space Circus", Carl Barks and other.

* A two-page column with "Komix News" about new Peter
Pan's story, Corto Maltese, new Spiderman's movie,
Herge's exposition in Belgium and other.

* Don Rosa's "Attaaaaaack!", 12 pages, code: F PM
00201 C. The last page is has been misprinted to all
issues: in the last 5 panels, the colors have been
"shaked" a little bit... :-( The rest of the story is
superb :-)

* A two-page article titled "Bin's Blueprints",
subtitled "Attention! Do not show this issue to Beagle
Boys" :-) The article includes Don's blueprints of the
money bin.

* Fabio Celoni's "Torna a Casa, Paperino!", 26 pages,
code: I TL 2084-2

* A two-page article titled "The Brilliant Gyro
Gearloose", subtitled "50 years of inventions... The
Chronicles of a Barksian hero". The article includes
black/white pro-scetches of Don's "Gyro's First
Invention" new story!

* Carl Barks' "Krankenstein Gyro", 4 pages, code: W US

* Sergio Aragones' "Groo & Rufferto", part 4 of 4...

May's issue is dedicated to the 70th birthday of Goofy
with 3 stories by Romano Scarpa, Paul Murry and Hector
Adolfo de Urtiaga, plus a story by Carl Barks.

[Codes are from Inducks database]

Best Wishes

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