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Fri Feb 1 06:28:45 CET 2002

Hi all. I've realised that my mention of a few distant and a few ironic 
contacts and new friendships from DCML might slight some others. So, - I will 
list other members that I have had many enjoyable e-mail conversations with; 
many of whom I have met in person, and consider my friends:

Arie Fachrisal, Marco Barlotti, Eta Beta, Luca Faccioli, Paolo Castagna, Luca 
Boschi, Duco Feenstra, Arthur de Wolf, Daniel van Eijmeren, Henri Kunne, 
Fernando Ventura, Arthur Faria, Jr., Sven-Oliver Troschke, Soeren Schridde, 
Alex Goerig, Francois Willot, Didier Ghez, Gilles Maurice, Olivier, Vic Pratt, 
Kriton Kyrimis, David Gerstein, Mattias Hallin, Kristian Pedersen, Tony 
Richards, Don Rosa, Janne Heino, Timo Ronkainen, Vidar Svendsen, Leo Schulte, 
Gerry Tank, and Gary Pantzer.  I hope to meet many more of our list members in 
person as the years go by.

I am sure I've left some people off of this list, but please forgive me, as I 
am now in my mid 50s, and my memory is almost worthless.  The point is that I 
have had very much enjoyment from having joined our list.  Thanks for all the 
interesting mail conversations, and all the help finding comic books and 
related information. 


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