Religious fun and Ducks

Dan Shane danshane at
Fri Feb 1 14:50:39 CET 2002


Doesn't current Catholic doctrine state that the pope IS infallible? I'm
sure the Church is very serious about it. Whether you agree with several
hundred million Catholics or not, I don't think making fun of people's
religious beliefs should be part of a discussion of ducks.


Barks made fun of many eastern religious customs, something that would
certainly be more difficult today.  Just ask Salman Rushdie.

Still, just because Don made a little jibe at the most populous religion on
the planet (and was apparently taken seriously, causing further "injury"), I
wouldn't get my knickers in a twist.  I doubt there will ever be a gag about
Jehovah's Witnesses in a Duck story, though we've regularly been the target
of TV and movie writers.  But if I ever did see innocent fun being poked at
us, I'd laugh along with everyone else.

Cruel humor has no place anywhere, but Don's bit of sarcasm has been used
countless times in the past, and I don't think anyone has changed their
faith just because they heard it before.

And to answer your question:  no, the Catholic church no longer considers
the pope to be infallible.  And they don't have to eat fish on Friday
anymore, either.

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