Pig vs. Dog Mayors/Flashbacks

Rob Klein bi442 at lafn.org
Sun Feb 3 18:48:01 CET 2002

Don is definately being true to Barks with respect to his portrayal of 
Duckburg's Mayor, - as Barks used at least two different Pigs, and a host of 
Dog (generic mammal)-nosed characters.  Even though the time freezing, which 
keeps Huey, Dewey and Louie from aging and growing, must cover only a few 
years, Barks had the Duckburgians tossing out old and electing new Mayors, 
often. There must have been much incompetence, graft and corruption.  The 
incompetence is certain, as those Mayor's should NEVER have even considered 
allowing the incompetent Donald to do a job for the City (at least after his 
FIRST fiasco).

Don's use of a similar panel showing a past event in a similar situation MAY 
have been inspired from his experience with E.C. comics, or his having seen 
that method used in films, - but it is a tool that has been around for ages.  I 
imagine that it was even used in cave paintings to show: "We caught and killed 
the Mammoths by those cliffs - and we will do it in like manner exactly there, 
again!"  It is like story plots, - there is nothing completely new under the 
sun, only new combinations of the details!  But, Don will likely let you know 
what was his inspiration (IF it was a conscious choice). If an author has had 
several sources of inspiration, he may not be able to identify it as a single 
one.  I think most authors have many favourite authors, other sources of 
inspiration, and life experiences from which to draw from to develop their 
individual styles.  Some artistic and literary devices may be taken DIRECTLY 
AND PURPOSELY from Barks, and OTHERS only patially inspired by his work, along 
with many other sources.

Speaking of Don: Don, as this may be of interest to others in the group, I 
would like you to explain to us how we can navigate towards the "NEWSGROUPS: 
rec. arts. comics. misc." that contained Bob Hughes' message about the Indian 
Disney comic books.  It is probably obvious to most of you, but I am an 
internet novice.  I understand (to some degree)that "NEWSGROUPS" is a primary 
link on a website or server page or navigation page or search engine page. I 
attempted to do a "search" for "NEWSGROUPS" - and, of course, could not "find" 
it.  So, I must ask you what Domain you were in, or where shall I find 
NEWSGROUPS: - so I can finally get to the CORRECT "comics. misc." and find the 
list I am looking for.

Should I start at a particular search engine page? - (such as Yahoo, Google, 
Alta Vista, etc.
I have Microsoft Internet Explorer as my internet navigator, and I start at my 
miniscule server home page.  But, I am capable of travelling to any given site 
on the web, where the first link is.  Please tell me the web address where 
the "NEWSGROUPS" link is located. Thanks. - Rob Klein

Off Topic - (but short):Regarding the numbers of Muslims and Catholics
If any of those numbers are correct, they must be those above 1,000,000 (in 
thousands) 1,000,000,000 ( - billion or milliard).  There are more 
than 100,000,000 Muslims in Indonesia alone, and probably more than that number 
of Catholics in Brasil (despite the belief in Mbanda by some of 
those "professed" Catholics).

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