Lindgren in "Donald Duck"

Fluks, H.W. H.W.Fluks at
Tue Feb 5 21:36:24 CET 2002


> <<Mrs. Lindgren's stories were published in the 
> Dutch "Donald Duck" weekly for years.>>
> Which Lindgren stories appeared in DD?

Pippi Langkous. I don't know which books exactly, but Pippi has been in the
weekly for years (in the 1970s).

> By which artists?

Carl Hollander. Indeed a Dutchman, as his name suggests.
(In case anyone would be confused: the stories are illustrated text stories,
not comics.)

> Were they good? Was the spirit of the books intact?

I have no other reference material than the TV series (which was dubbed in
Dutch), so I can't really compare with the original. Besides, it's been a
long time since I read those stories...


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