Duckburg Mayors

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Tue Feb 5 17:53:39 CET 2002

From: Rob Klein <bi442 at>
>> Don is definately being true to Barks with respect to his 
>> portrayal of Duckburg's Mayor, - as Barks used at least two 
>> different Pigs, and a host of Dog (generic mammal)-nosed 
>> characters.

I should have held my tongue. 
I grew up with the idea of Duckburg having a pig mayor (probably 
due to the frequent use of this pig mayor by other artists than 
Barks (in the Dutch Donald Duck weekly)). Don's non-pig mayors 
made me wonder wether the pig mayor was ever used by Barks at 
all, till I spotted the pig in 'Hero of the Dike'. 

So, I should have read more stories by Barks, or done my research 
more thoroughly, before asking any such question. 
Thanks for reminding me, next time I'll just shut up :)

>> Don's use of a similar panel showing a past event in a similar 
>> situation (...)

Have you checked your copy of Don's Kalevala story to look at the 
panels I mentioned? I'm not sure whether I did describe this 
storytelling device clearly enough. 

Of course, there are storytelling and 'camera' techniques that 
comics and movies do have in common. (Close up, medium and 
total shot, zooming in.)

I would like to thank Don Rosa for kindly answering my questions 
and Rob Klein for his comments on them.

And I still would like to thank Harry Fluks for giving me a warm 
welcome on this mailing list (way back in september, after I made 
my first contribution). (As this message is only my third, I reckon 
it's not too late to say thank you.)

Michiel Prior.

In the Beginning, the Universe was created. 
This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely 
regarded as a bad move.

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