KOMIX #164

Apostolis Trikourakis komixgreekpage at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 8 20:58:21 CET 2002

Hi all

Here's what's in this month's issue of Komix:

*Issue #164, February 2002, €2,64*

* Cover by Marco Rota. The scan will be available
tomorrow, so be patient please :-)

* A two-page letters column. Among the letters, there
is one from a guy who asks why the nephews don't know
that their uncle is dissolving his car every year, in
Don Rosa's "Recalled Wreck". The editor said that the
nephews sometimes don't give a dime (or a Euro;!!)
about his work or the car :-)  Don;;
The rest of the letters are about an italian web page
about Paperinik (or Super Duck or Phantom Duck or
whatever you call him), the location of Duckburg, and
about Don's "War of the Wendigo" and "Cutty Sark"
Don, 60% of the letters-column is about your stories!

* A two-page column with "Komix News". Most important
is the death of Barks' editor last December. The rest
of the news are about Asterix' new movie (Mission
Cleopatre), 1st Comics & Cartoons Festival in Rome and
comics heroes on the Radio (RAI 2, Italian Radio

* "Der Regengott von Uxmal" by the Spanish team of
Recreo Studios (44 pages), first published in 1984 in
the German magazine "Onkel Dagoberts Schatztruhe".
Story code is GA 1. Pretty nice story, looks like a
Barks one.

* A two-page article titled "Journey to the land of
Mayas", subtitled "An exotic adventure in Carl Barks'

* Carl Barks one-page untitled story with Donald and
his nephews.

* Sergio Aragones' "Groo and Rufferto" (part 2 of 4),
first published on January 1999...... argh.....

Next issue will come out on March 1st with 2 stories
by Giorgio Cavazzano (a story about... Carl Barks!),
Massimo DeVita and 1 story about... Euros by Vicar!
(and... part 3 of "Groo and Rufferto"....)
Best Wishes

Apostolis Trikourakis, Athens, Greece
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