"Gyro's First Invention"

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Sun Feb 10 16:58:53 CET 2002

Hey! This new 50th anniversary story for Gyro Gearloose I was saying that I
completed a few weeks ago... there's something else I need to announce about
it that I almost forgot!

The idea of combining the sequel to "Christmas for Shacktown" (for which
Norway had been asking for 12 years) along with the 50th anniversary Gyro
story (which Norway requested over 10 years later) was first suggested to me
in 1999 by Sigvald Grøsfjeld jr.! And he suggested other elements of the
plot which I won't discuss as it would spoil the story. So I must publicly
thank Sigvald for that idea, and I offer him 50% of all the worldwide
royalties that I will earn off of that story. No, let's make it 100%. No,
let's make it 100% of all the royalties I earn off of ALL of my stories. (It
all equals the same amount, so I can be generous!)
Thanks Sigvald!

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