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I know that at least SOME of the Indiana Jones-traps are "stolen" from
Barks - but all of them? I haven't heard about THAT.
What I read, once upon a time... was that a trap with at sone and an inka
bridge (???) was borrowed from a Barks story.


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> Ouffff... Lucas & Spielberg dont fear "use" a lot of things from another
> authors turning this elements in profitable merchandising stuff.
> from Star Trek, Banths from E.R.Burroughs...
> All the traps from the Indiana Jones movies are from Scrooge or Donald
> stories, the three if I remember (help anybody?)...
> In the other hand, I enjoy when Don Rosa insert something of his passion
> the movies. I loved these touch the Citizen Kane everywhere...
> FABIO (I dont like Tolkien... so?)
> > Just as a point of trivia, Lucasfilm used each of these words as the
> > of aliens in Star Wars: Episode VI - The Return of the Jedi. They were
> > aliens in the employ of the "mighty Jabba" the Hutt. :)
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