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> > Maybe the witch wasn't totally dead, and Snow-White decides to forgive
> > her for what she did, and she call her friends the 7 female dwarfs (or
> > should I say "Growth hormone deficient person"??), so that the dwarfs
> > meet them, but the sister of the witch (who married capt'n Hook) will
> > discover the truth and send a robot-dwarf (who doesn't smoke, of course)
> > in the house to kill her sister, but Dopey will tell Bambi to go and
> > call the Rescue Rangers to save them...
> Actually, I'd watch this.  :D

Me too! Perhaps we should petition Disney to produce such a movie! ;-)


> There is nothing inherently wrong with a sequel.

I've just realized that if sequels were never produced, this list would
not exist, for what are Disney comics other than sequels to the Disney
shorts and to the comics that followed them?

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