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> was already disgusted about the "HOUSE OF MOUSE", with all the Disney 
> Characters
>  in the same story: what do the Beast, Cinderella's stepmoter, Mushu,
> Hades, Mickey Mouse, Dumbo, Jiminy, the cookie Man and the Queen of the 
> Heart

Who decided that all these characters have their own exclusive continuities?  
It is SUPOSED to be fun entertainment aimed, especially now with niche cable 
programming,at young children.  If we adults enjoy it at all, it is merely 
lucky happenstance.  What if, horror of horrors, they happen to make a 
superior story?  Just remember, Toy Story 2 was supposed to be a direct to 
home video sequel and look how wonderful that turned out.  How 'bout we see 
these films first before we condemn them,eh?

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