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After growing up with perfect grammar comics, the intention of the question
was why there is improper grammar in the originals, which seemed very odd to
_me_ (even though it makes perfect sense in your answer). I feel that I got
        a very good answer to that from you (Don Rosa) and Rob Klein now, so

And just to add something else: English is not a "native" language in the
USA. That honor belongs to the various indigenous tongues encountered by the
European immigrants who brought English over (along with French, Spanish,
German, Norwegian, Italian, etc., and their various dialects, brogues, and
whatnot) not all that long ago. By the various machinations of history
English came to predominate in North America, though French maintains some
solid footholds and Spanish has always had an enormous presence and
throughout the Americas.

Sadly, the truly native tongues were marginalized by history, and only time
will tell how many of them will manage to be preserved, let alone invited to
the linguistic free-for-all that still characterizes speech and writing here
in the USA.

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