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>That's a total of 98 comic publications every year. I'm sure countries like
>Germany and Italy beat us with that, but at least Holland currently
>publishes more than the USA...

After seeing the list of the Italian publications I started wondering how
well would Finland do in this kind of comparison. After compiling the
list I was somewhat surprised.

The following list is based on the recent chat where Helsinki Media's
duck people answered reader's questions and the current situation
assuming that nothing is cancelled this year.

Aku Ankka: 52 times (there will most likely be some extras, but don't all
the main weeklies have them, so since you and Armando didn't count
them neither do I - not that I would know how many there are).
Kuukauden Sarjisekstra: 12 times (a publication printing mainly Dutch
stories - though lately the Danish have been invading the magazine).
Roope-setä: 12 times (almost equivalent to the recently cancelled
100-paged Egmont monthly).
Aku  Ankan taskukirja: 12 times (356-paged pocket book, for last three
years it was published 13 times a year).
Aku Ankan taskukirja - special issues: 2 times.
Nalle Puh: 12 times (is Winnie the Pooh publication countable?).
Dialect album: annual.
Ankalliskirjasto: unknown, at least 1 time (a new series).
Jumbo: 2 times (416-paged, includes reprints of comics published
previously in Aku Ankka, 400-paged books and albums).
Palat-publications: 7(?) times (Aku-Palat, Jatko-palat and
Joulu-Aku. Reprints of earlier published stories  with exercises.
Due the exercises I'm not very fond of these, but apparently
they have readers since the series is the second oldest still
printed Finnish Disney-publication, published since 1960.)
Päivästä Päivään 1952: annual (this year's addition to the
compilation series of Al Taliaferro's Donald dailies).
Reprint of Aku Ankkas of year 1960: annual.

The total is 115.

Like Armando I, too, might have forgotten something.

>Paperinik: 12 issues
>PK2: 12 issues

I'm /so/ envious.

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