Where Scrooge lives

Fluks, H.W. H.W.Fluks at kpn.com
Tue Jan 15 18:24:17 CET 2002

Francesco Spreafico:

> > I'm glad to say that Florence
> > does not look like Amsterdam at all.

> Of course that's not what I meant ;-) No big (artistic) cities, but
> "average" towns look alike all over the world.

Maybe it's the way one looks at them, but I still think cities are very
different. I look at them with a geographical view, but I guess other people
will notice the difference too.

Where American (and some German) cities have tall sky scrapers concentrated
in the middle, the Dutch cities have them spread all over the town, and in
most cases *not* in the middle. Where Italian cities often have a lot of
church towers, Dutch cities only have a few.

And on a micro-view: the suburbal looks of the environment as shown to us in
the old Barks stories is quite different from what we see here. In Holland
we have almost no wooden houses. And our gardens are much smaller. And we
have bike paths along the roads. (And we don't have deserts etc. - but this
thread was about cities...)

I don't think Barks's Duckburg could be near where I live.

Still, the Dutch tradition is that Duckburg (Duckstad) is nearby. Where they
have our currency, and our language. Where people live in the present. They
don't let any Rosa change that tradition. So I expect to see the euro sign
in Scrooge's bin in the next Rosa story.


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