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Fluks, H.W. H.W.Fluks at
Tue Jan 15 19:45:20 CET 2002

Don Rosa:

> If a publisher or translator, or if any readers change or
> interpret my story as having $crooge live anywhere other than the west
> coast of the USA, then they are *dead wrong*. As regards my 
> story. They are
> free to have their own interpretation, but NOT as regards MY 
> story.


> My Duckburg is in
> 1950's America and any editor or reader who changes or 
> misunderstands that is making an error.
> And if a reader doesn't like that, they should avoid
> reading my stories since I don't wish to make anyone unhappy.

I am not avoiding to read your stories, since *that* would make me
I do like your stories, but I also expect the editors to adapt your stories
to local tradition. (Money should be yellow, for instance.)
The problem is, that they are *Disney* stories. This means they should fit
in the Disney universe of the country where they are published.
So when you say that editors make an error when doing their work according
to Disney's rules, that does sound a bit arrogant.

I think, with the way the Disney world currently works, you'll have to
accept that YOUR stories are not YOUR stories anymore, the moment you
deliver them to the publisher.
Also, the fact that they are Disney stories is part of their success. (Note
that in Holland, Disney comics are the *only* American comics for children,
that have been successful since 1952.)


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