cubic acres references wanted!

Marco Barlotti marcobar at
Sat Jan 19 23:52:14 CET 2002

We all know here, and the subject has been discussed more than once, that 
there are instances where $crooge refers to his money speaking of "three 
cubic acres" (or maybe also sometimes a different number of cubic acres?).

I'd like to have references for this. Please help!

One reference is W OS 456-02, the famous "Back to Klondike" (page 2, last 
panel). But Fossati's index of Barks stories says that a couple of years 
earlier, when the money bin hadn't even been built (Don forgive this...), 
in the story W WDC 126-02 the amount of $crooge's money was already 
measured in cubic acres. There is no reference in the Italian translation, 
so I'd like someone who owns the story to check for me (maybe Fossati was 

Any other reference to cubic acres IN BARKS' STORIES will be appreciated 
too! Thanks!


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