Sad to say Š

Sue and Gary Leach bangfish at
Fri Jan 25 18:00:26 CET 2002

Rob and Nancy McCallum:

No news as to when Disney comics may resume publishing in the U.S., but,
incredibly, the negotiations between Diamond and Disney are still going on.
Three years, now; we seem to be living our own version of "Bleak House"Š

And while it's sad to say, Don Rosa is right: the idea of a special edition
or a limited series doesn't change the fundamental problem. A license must
still be negotiated before the project, large or small, can happen, and such
negotiations have become very expensive (mainly in legal fees ‹ you can't
avoid involving lawyers) and time consuming (largely over lots of legal
haggling, which ratchet up the fees).

Our one real hope for Disney comics in the U.S. again rests with the
negotiations between Disney and Diamond. And keep in mind that Diamond has
already put in three years, and the attendant costs, to pursue this goal. As
the stakes haven't materially changed since the early stages, it's hard to
figure why Diamond would have stuck it out this long if they didn't mean to
ultimately win through.


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