Pål Jensen 50

Lunnan & Hjort brit.lunnan at chello.no
Sat Jan 26 13:23:29 CET 2002

Former long-term editor of "Donaldisten", Pål Jensen,
turned 50 a couple of days ago. This even landed him
on the front page of "Aftenposten" (major Norwegian
newspaper) with photo and report inside. Admittedly,
his partial fame in Oslo is not entirely due to his association
with Donald, Ducks and Barks, but perhaps more so
to his patient and also long-lasting fight against 
unnecessary car traffick in Oslo. He spends an immense
number of hours at downtown Oslo or at the university
campus, talking to all sorts of people, selling not only 
self-authored but also self-produced (in the technical
sense) pamphlets and various paraphernalia, including 
"buttons" to wear with anti-car slogans and pro-Donald 

One must admire Pål for this Sisyphosian uphill struggle. 
I am also on his side in the fight to keep wolves alive in 
Norway (farmers wish to shoot everyone of them, from 
helicopters). Long live Zeke Wolf. Lastly, I know that 
Jensen has also authored a full novel (remind me to ask
you to lend me your copy, Øystein; I still haven't read it).

It is a matter of definition whether the verb "flourish" 
should be used or not, but, ok, I try it out in my mouth, 
like it, and go for it: Under Pål Jensen's reign, the fan-magazine
"Donaldisten" flourished. From about 1975 onwards 
it was produced rather frequently (other list members would
be able to give us more precise information), with a 
reasonable mix of articles and contributions, holding 
a reasonable quality level. Some of the articles were in
the "Jon Gisle" tradition (author of famous and influential
book "Donaldismen", 1973, translated also into Danish
and Swedish). As such "Donaldisten" resembled and 
resembles the Swedish NAFS(k)uriren, which has been
brought over the last few years to what I deem is excellent
quality, and the German "Hamburger Donaldist", later 
turned "Der Donaldist", also a wonderfully readable 

Pål: Long Live! 

Nils Lid Hjort

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