Spin and Marty

H.W.Fluks@kpn.com H.W.Fluks at kpn.com
Mon Jun 3 17:00:58 CEST 2002

Darrin Michaels:

> what I am looking for is a comprehensive list of all
> the comics published worldwide that contain the characters 
> Spin and Marty.
> (I know of the 12 issues in the USA, but I am stumped 
> worldwide).

There are some technical problems with our Inducks search programs (because
we have a &-character in "Spin & Marty"). Therefore, a simple list of all
stories featuring "Spin & Marty" is a bit difficult.

A list of SM 5 to 9 can be found here:

But this only lists the series called "Spin & Marty". For the OS issues
(714, 767, 808, 826, 1026, and 1082), the index is part of:

If downloading these (big) files is a problem for you, I can send you the
relevant parts in private mail.


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