Spin and Marty

Willot François Willot.Francois at ec-lille.fr
Mon Jun 3 19:00:34 CEST 2002

I understand. It's a bit tricky.
The page you refer to is:
(1) http://coa.duckburg.dk/coa/c1/character.php/0/Spin+&+Marty

The index for "Spin & Marty"
(2) http://coa.duckburg.dk/coa/c1/character.php/0/Spin+&+Marty, 
linked from 1,
is empty because S&M do not appear as character (anywhere) but in the
 title-hero field.

It's a bit difficult to go to (1). The search won't link to it, nor
the index of characters. Only a story or issue with "Spin & Marty"
will. (Is that what you did?).

I'll change the link (2) on (1) to:
which hopefully works.

No, my problem was that I *did* manage to get to a page for "Spin &
but when I try to follow a link to a real index page, that page is

I can't give URLs now, because duckburg.dk seems to be down.

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