Duckburg and the World Cup

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Tue Jun 4 08:05:11 CEST 2002


> With regard to "parts" of a nation being permitted to participate as
> individual entities in the World Cup,

Perhaps the key here is the distinction between "country" and "nation",
and the issue is not whether parts of a nation are allowed to enter an
event, but whether parts of a country, which constitute separate nations
within a country, are allowed. One could argue that this is the case
for the United Kingdom, where the four kingdoms that constitute the
country are not as united as, say, the fifty states constituting the
United States. Perhaps this is the case with Duckburg, whose inhabitants
apparently consider themselves to be a separate nation within the US.
(There are other such nations, the Navajo nation, e.g.) The fact that
the people of Duckburg use the term "Duckburgian", instead of "American",
to describe themselves, is a clue in that direction.

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