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Crocker, John John.Crocker at
Wed Jun 5 20:50:04 CEST 2002

<<David: I'm the professional editor here, and Don... please give me a break,
pal! You've actually *misremembered* your own story (both your own original
script and my edited version!).
	Mickey doesn't step forward onto the platter. Instead, having just
received a scare, Mickey falls backwards- and while Mickey's still in
mid-fall, a prankster standing behind Mickey sticks the platter under
Mickey's butt so he'll land seated on it.
	Had Mickey been running forward and stepped on the platter, I'd
agree with you that the turkey was too obvious, and I'd have asked that it
be erased. But since Mickey doesn't even see the platter until he's already
landed on it, it didn't matter what the platter looked like.
	I decided the platter was funnier with the turkey than without. So
the turkey stayed.

	Gobble gobble,
<<	David

I may be way off base here, but as a fan, it disturbs a bit to think that just b/c and editor thinks a turkey is funnier than a regular platter, the turkey appears.
Sounds ridiculous to me and I feel sorry for the authors who find such unnessary, but somewhat dramatic changes in their stories come print.

-john crocker.

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