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Thu Jun 6 10:01:09 CEST 2002

H.W.Fluks at skrev:

> You missed half of the important Belgian comics,

I didn't mention all creators with their comics
printed in TEMPO in the 1960's and 1970's. So your
conclusion here seems to be based on a lack of
information. But even if you are right, the conclusion
must be that TEMPO for some reason figured that the
"other half" wasn't good/important enough to be
published for their Norwegian readers in the 1960's
and 1970's. Anyway I did visit the comics museum in
Brussels last year. So I do care about European

> And then you conclude that they are (for *that*
> reason) not important. I don't think we need to
> continue the discussion about this when you're on
> such a silly level.

Silly? Do you also think it's silly when Americans
here use basically the same arguments about European
Disney characters like Fethry Duck?

> This is not about Disney comics anyway.

You're pretty right about that! And remember I wasn't
the one who started comparing Disney comics with
European comics...

Sigvald :-)

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