Who is this Fethry Duck?

Vic Pratt thebeesong at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jun 6 12:39:46 CEST 2002

Hello chums

I must say I rather enjoy it when the discussion gets
a bit more heated on the list. I like what I have seen
of Franquin...not much admittedly because if you think
things are bad in the rest of Europe comicwise you
should check out the U.K. Only a tiny fraction of Euro
comics ever get published in English. In most cases
they sell badly and so we never get a sense of the
vast diversity of series and creators out there. I'm
working on learning French first, so I can crack all
those bandes dessinees, but it's not enough: what
about the fumetti? And all the rest. And as for UK
comics, there are very few and they are gradually
dwindling away, like the story papers did before them.
Indigenous comics that still exist: The Beano, The
Dandy, 2000AD, Viz. The rest are superhero U.S.
tie-ins or psuedo-comics/magazines for small children
(there are probably some Disney related titles, but
nothing of any interest to the adult reader). Which
brings me rather ramblingly to my point, in response
to the query about UK duck comics, basically I'm sorry
to say there ain't any. I wish there were. As I might
have said before, I'd buy them! 

Back issues of Disney U.S. titles are hard to find
too: the comic shops here don't really bother with
them, seeing as there is no market for them. Try GOSH
in Gt. Russell St., London, or THEY WALK AMONG US in
Richmond, Surrey. There's nowhere else around where I
am really.


P.S. Who is this bloke Fethry Duck? Can you describe
what he looks like?


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