Non-Disney characters in Disney Comics

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  -john crocker wrote:
  >P.S.  I personally enjoyed the small bits of Marsupilami that appeared here in the U.S. and don't >understand why the character was ruined.  Was it b/c the TV show failed or b/c the way the >character was presented on the show? 
  Well in same manner like the Schtroumpfs were ruined by Hanna Barbera... They and Marsu was too much nice, too much normal beings... the femine smurf was in the comics the temptation of all the others, not only some lil' sister of a bunch of elves... 
  Marsupilami is like a living spirit of liberty, I always think that he was the dream of adventure that Franquin, Jije, Will and (who more was there?) found in his travel to California and Mexico... (remember Palombia)
  Marsupilami is like a savage version of the Lil' Abner's Schmoo. He can punch with his tail, use it to spring, eat from venom champignons to piranhas and in a one shot of an Spirou cover, he jump and sail side to side with a whale... 

  He is like our more troubling pup, but more (very more) dangerous :) 

  Well, you know Disney. Keep waiting Betty Page in the Rocketeer film he he, wait Tarzan eating non cooked meat...

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