François: Brazilian Disney Comics

Fernando Ventura fernandopventura at
Sun Jun 9 18:17:18 CEST 2002

I'm felling better today, 'cause I just remember good things and good
laughs, when I was on Iga's school of drawing... :'-)
I was into the comics field, thankfull to his help....

The book is the thesis of Roberto and now he's a doctor into the subject. It
has info from al the Disney Comic's story, talking about al the countries
production, in general, and it has an entirely chapter about brazilian

It has some problems, for example, a mistake resulting from a confusion from
Carpa and Scarpa...and the info is incorret, saiyng that SCARPA died in
1999!!! Take it easy, Francesco!!!

But the book has MANY never printed information. The author did many
interviews with lot's of brazilian artists. He told us he had some problemas
to find the Disney writers, and Primaggio told him: -It's because you don't
asked me! :-)

The importance of this book is big, 'cause it oppen space to others reviews
into the Disney comics subject here in Brazil...and now I fell I need to
write not just one monography, but TWO...

It has a never printed B inked drawing of José as an superhero by Waldyr
Igayara into it.

P.S: The book wasn't a luxurious edition, it's simple, but in anyway, it's a
book about Disney comics in Brazil!

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